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Anonymous: will pia mia ever do tours in the uk?

yeah, definitely! I think within the first album tour

wolvesfaith: I recently started to write a book on Wattpad about PIa's quotes that she is posting on Twitter. But i can use every help i can get. So if you see any other quote or a old quote that you might find back from Pia. Can you send it to me. I will put it then by my book please. Also i will mention you in the description of the book. If you want you can see the book

Sure xx
Oh, and you have to start the book with “Woke up and plan to be a hero”

Anonymous: OMG. Is pia in collage? ?? !!!

As far as I know Pia does go to college but not like other students, since she is very buisy 

Anonymous: I hate Pia for being so perfect... JK i love Pia. But i'm serious she's way too perfect. I know that the last thing Pia wants to do is making other girl feeling less beautiful then her.,but it kinda happen. Even though she is the sweetest girl on earth.

I agree she is beautiful, but always remember YOU ARE TOO! Don’t you ever ever ever let someone tell you otherwise!¬†