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Anonymous: agree! you are so beautiful :O

STOP IT GUYS! You are making me blushh :)

Anonymous: Hey :) as I can you on your ig you have an awesome body and I just want to know what you do for it..? Like I'm not fat just wanna get in shape cause I have a modeling jop in 2 weeks, so..? <3

Hey. fist of all thank you very much! I go to Zumba classes to stay fit, but a lot has to do with genetics. I’m one of those people who can eat a ton and don’t get fat. 

p.s. since you’ve said you just want to get in shape, zumba or something similar is perfect!

Anonymous: From which country are you? btw you are gorg!! xx

Please send question to personal, I don’t wanna clog here. And thank you soo much!

Do not steal

Due to couple of bad experiences lately, I decided to inform you that every image I post has a watermark. Even if it is a recent image that everyone can find, because I want to know who steals from me. You will be reported or contacted directly so please don’t even put yourself into that position and just DON’T STEAL.

Anonymous: do you have your twitter profile, i mean besides pia mia one?

yeah, you have link to my IG nad twitter right here on my personal blog CLICK

If you need any advice, whether it’s friends, school, fashion, beauty or something else I am here to help you out!

Please feel free to contact me anonymously or publicly any time of day, and I will do my best to help you ♥   ASKBOX

Anonymous: Rares of Pia?

Sure, as soon as I find some that I haven’t posted in my files