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Anonymous: are pia and garrett still together?? please tell me they are :(((( <3

i don’t think so… i think they just remained friends

Anonymous: What is Pias snapchat please (if you have it😂) x

princesspiamiap ♥

Anonymous: What's Pia's Snapchat?

PrincessPiaMiaP, but I’ll check once again

Anonymous: About what is fill me in?

About two young people in forbidden love story. It was originally performed by Craig David (so Pia didn’t write it), she did a cover because she liked the song 

foockie: Hey, So I'm a singer and dancer from Canada and I love Pia and how the Wolfpack is evolving. How can I become a part of the project! Let me know :) -Ryan

Hey Ryan, this is not a page administrated by Pia or her team, this is a fan blog (in case you didn’t know) but you can join our wolfpack kingdom by applying here   http://officialwolfpack.tumblr.com/jointhepack

Anonymous: Holy shhhh.. I can't waiz for do it again !!!

me too! it’s gonna be a killer!

Anonymous: how perfect is Pia on a scale of 100?

to infinity and beyooond 

Anonymous: is it true that Pia is working currently on her 2nd album and if yes, when would it come out. i'm dying to hear her new music

No, she’s working on her first album, and it is gonna be out this year! Me too, can’t waitt